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Providing Everything You Need To Have Your Dream Birth! 


Birth Doula Services

Standard Birth Doula Services 


Virtual Consultation (free of charge)

  • 2  virtual or in-person prenatal meetings to discuss evidence-based information.

  • 24/7 phone/text/email support from the date of hire

  • On-call 24/7 for labor support (from date of hire)

  • In-person labor support for vaginal birth and scheduled cesarean section birth

  • 1.5hrs immediate postpartum support following delivery

  • 2 Virtual or in-person postpartum visit within the first two weeks of delivery

Day Time Care

Virtual Consultation (free of charge)

  • Short term & long term (up to 8 hours) care for your child

  • If needed, I can provide additional support at appointments, events, etc. 

  • Light housekeeping support

  • Light meal preparation

  • Laundry 

Baby's Grasp
Baby's Room

Overnight Support
$42/hr (10pm-6am)

Virtual Consultation (free of charge)

  • Bring the baby to mom for feedings

  • Change and settle the baby after feedings are completed

  • Bring water and snacks to mom as needed

  • If and when the mom is pumping her milk, the doula will care for the baby exclusively, retrieving any pumped milk from outside the mother’s room that she has pumped during the night.

  • Wash pumping equipment

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